transfer VHS to DVD

When you search for transfer VHS to DVD on google, confusions arise. Learn the basic and simple way right here!

Thinking to preserve the old videos which are lying in the storeroom? Even if that era of VHS tapes passed but memories never die. It is always amazing to look back at the old videos of our parents, grandparents and our own childhood. The moments pass but the lens of the camera captures it forever. Well, here are some of the basic ways to transfer VHS to DVD formats which you are able to play on computer, DVD player or laptop.

Ways for VHS to DVD Transfer

  • The first thing is to purchase a DVD recorder which can help you in copying the VHS tape recording. You can purchase it from any retail store at a reasonable cost. Now since you already have a VCR, it is time you find the right cable for it to connect both.
  • To transfer VHS tape to DVD, it is necessary to have the correct cable. The S-Video cable is compatible with both the VCR and the DVD recorder. Insert the same colored ends to connect both.
  • Once they both connect, put the VHS tape into the VCR and the DVD into the DVD recorder.
  • There will be a button for recorder on the DVD recorder, press it. Do not cut off or stop the recorder in between otherwise it will not copy it from the VHS tape. Let it record as much as the time it takes depends upon the time in the VHS tape.
  • Now when you have pressed record, you have to press play option on the VCR so that it starts to copy the data into the DVD. You do have an option to cut the parts if you want but initially, it is not recommended.
  • Sit back and relax for some time until it records all into the DVD. The transfer of VHS to DVD may take time so you can do something else in between.
  • When the transfer VHS tape to DVD gets done, press the stop button on the DVD recorder and take out both the VHS tape and DVD.

Now you have the videos and memories recorded on a secure device so next time do not forget the process but quickly copy your favourite old videos into latest formats. Enjoy the videos which you missed and can live now in a form of DVD. If needed technical help to get your old videotapes to digital format, get in touch with local vhs to digital experts.

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