Find out about the top software to convert video to DVD within seconds!

Usage of DVDs is common in our daily lives in different forms such as watching series, movies, homemade videos and much more. You can convert videos through the DVD in Linux through the Handbrake software which is compatible with Ubuntu 16.10. It is a DVD software which works as video conversion and works with any other OS as well. Let’s look at the quick guide to rip the DVDs and convert them into videos for Linux.

Software to Convert video to DVD

Steps to Rip DVDs into Videos for Linux

  • The first thing is to install the handbrake in Linux through the browser. Choose a safe website to download the latest version of handbrake.
  • Launch the handbrake software from the menu and adjust the settings for the format you want for the DVD. The video in the DVD will be converting in this software so you will have many options to choose. To convert video, you have to select the right profile from the drop-down
  • Select the place where you want to save the videos in the computer. Now choose the option for DVD, the next option would be for the resolution of the video. Set it accordingly so that it is not blurry. Leave the other options default. If you are professional then you can play around with the tabs later on.
  • There is an option to add subtitles as well if you wish to add it to the video in different languages. Convert video to DVD easily with the help of this software with making edits to it as well.
  • Press the start button for the conversion of video. It can take time to convert video to DVD depending upon the length of the video. When done, it will close the main window and you will be able to view the video in the desired format you selected.

Handbrake is a quick and reliable software to convert video without any damage or errors. There are options to make numerous adjustments and to add videos in series as well. Everyone is able to use handbrake software easily because of the user-friendly interface. It works perfectly with other OS such as MAC and Windows 7 or above.

It is highly recommended to use handbrake software if you wish to convert video to DVD at your home. If you have not used any software yet, then there is nothing better than the handbrake software to view videos all the time easily.

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