A great reflection on your 8mm reel and turning the videotape to DVD can revive your memories in seconds!

The usage of 8mm and Hi8 was in trend before the VHS tapes but there are still some people who have them and wish to transfer the data of it to the convenient source nowadays. The most convenient source for the data is the DVDs which can hold a big length of videos with keeping it secure. Here are some things which you can learn about the 8mm/hi8 to DVD conversions to copy them on DVD or VHS.

Hi8 tape to DVD Coventry

Copy 8mm/Hi8 to DVD or VHS

  • There are no adapters for the 8mm and hi8 to convert the videos which are secure in them. How will you watch them? So, here you will need a camcorder with the AV output and inputs connection.
  • You have to plug in the camcorder with the VCR recorder and connect the AV inputs. Attach them to the same colors for better signals for recording. Do not connect the camcorder to the television.
  • Now the input selection should be turned on the VCR. Here you will have the chance for the conversion of hi8 to DVD/VSH. Use both the front and back inputs to connect together.
  • Now put the tape into the camcorder and empty tape into the VCR to record. The videotape to DVD recorder is the same way but if you are turning it to the VHS then use the VCR. Now press the button of record and let copy all the data.
  • Once the process finishes, you can watch it easily on the VHS or the DVD. Play it and enjoy the old videos with your family which you may have missed in the past when you were not in the world yet.

Even if you do not have a camcorder, there are professional people out there who can help you with copying the videos to DVD. They charge you a small amount but have all the necessary equipment which can transfer the data for you in a convenient form till date. When you have the video in a form of VHS or DVD, you are able to manage it with various options such as editing, cutting, adding and much more. You can make easy changes and copy it to various devices to share it with your extended family.


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